Imran Khan, a former prime minister of Pakistan, apologizes in a case involving contempt of court

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The PTI leader’s Imran Khan, contempt case is postponed by the Pakistani court after he declares his willingness to apologies to the female judge.

Pakistan’s Islamabad-Imran Khan’s, Contempt case was postponed by a Pakistani court after he

declared his willingness to accept responsibility for his comments on a female judge.

I’ll go to the female judge and apologies to her if the court requests it. During a hearing on

Thursday, Khan assured the Islamabad High Court that he would never utter anything to offend the

court or the judiciary.

He declared, “I tell the court that I will not do something like this in the future.” If I crossed a line, I apologies.

Following remarks Imran Khan made at a public rally in the Pakistani city of Islamabad on August

20, when he threatened “action” against Judge Zeba Chaudhry and top Islamabad police officers for

detaining his top aide Shahbaz Gill, Khan was charged with contempt of court.

Gill was accused of attempting to inspire a revolt in Pakistan’s strong military following comments

he made on television; this accusation is refuted by Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party.

According to Pakistani law ,Imran Khan ran the prospect of being barred from hold a public

office for at least 5 years if found guilty.

After Khan’s apologies, the court opted not to charge the legendary cricketer-turned-politician, and

it asked him to provide his testimony in an affidavit before the Oct 3 hearing.

The same court dismissed terrorist charges against the 69-year-old lawmaker earlier this week for

his comments made at the Islamabad protest.

A lawsuit involving suspected foreign funding for the PTI party is also being brought against the

former Pakistani leader. On Nov 6, the matter will have its subsequent hearing.

April of this year, a Parliamentary vote of no-confidence led to the overthrow of Khan’s


Since then, he has held rallies in front of the public around the nation to call for fresh elections because the present ones are scheduled for late next year.

According to attorney Munir-A-Malik, an amicus curiae (court assistance) in the contempt-case, “he

(Khan) seemed significantly more Remorse-Full in person today compared to his filed reply, which

seemed to have pleased the bench.”

Lahore-based foreign policy expert Mammal Sarfraz, claims Khan was left with no choice but to

apologies in the contempt case.

He was aware that he had to apologies completely. Even though the court had previously given him

opportunity, She said that Al Jazzier’s comments weren’t satisfactory.

Imran Khan has always emphasized the importance of the rule of law and the judiciary, According

to PTI leader Faisal Javed Khan.

“Imran Khan has maintained the same position from the beginning. Hopefully, the court will rule

in his favor, he told Al Jazzier.







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