As a result of what looks to be a systemic attack, Uber is dealing with a “cybersecurity crisis.”



Uber announced on Thursday that it contacted law authorities after a hacker allegedly gained access to its network.

The hacker had presented proof of gaining access to important cloud systems at the ride-hailing business, according to a security engineer.

Uber stated on Twitter on Thursday night that “responding to a cybersecurity problem right now. Law enforcement is aware of our presence “. It promised to post updates to its Uber Comms twitter account.

An Uber spokesman who was contacted by soulutionwhat News declined to give any further information.

Sam Curry, a Yuga Labs developer who talked with the hacker, stated, “It appears like they’ve compromised a lot of stuff.”

He claimed it involves gaining total access to the cloud environments hosted by Amazon and Google where Uber maintains its source code and user data.

Curry claimed to have spoken with a number of Uber staff members who claimed they were “trying to lock down everything inside” to limit the hacker’s access.

He mentioned the Slack internal communications system used by the business.

He said that there was no evidence the hacker had caused any harm or was motivated by anything

other than notoriety. My first impression is that they appear to be trying to attract as much

attention as they can.

Curry and other security experts were made aware of the infiltration after the hacker commented

on security flaws they had previously discovered on the Uber network while participating in the

company’s bug-bounty program.

When Curry and the other researchers were chatting with the hacker on Telegram,

The Associated Press tried to get in touch with them there. However, nobody spoke up.

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The Associated Press attempted to contact Curry and the other researchers on Telegram while they

were conversing with the hacker there. Nobody, however, said up.

Due to the breach, Uber was required to pay $148 million to resolve a lawsuit with each of the 50

states and the District of Columbia.





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