England’s cricket team is on its first trip of Pakistan since 2005.

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Last year, England’s cricket team was scheduled to come, but they abruptly postponed their trip when New Zealand cancelled a tour owing to safety concerns.

The England’s cricket team has arrived in Karachi for their first tour of Pakistan in 17 years, a lengthy absence brought on by security concerns.


England last played in Pakistan in 2005, and they were scheduled to return last year, but they abruptly postponed their trip after New Zealand cancelled a tour due to safety concerns.

The action outraged the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), which labelled it “disrespectful” and was eager to demonstrate that the nation was secure once more in the wake of a fatal assault on the Sri Lankan squad in 2009.


As both countries prepare for next month’s ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in Australia, the 19-man visiting squad, led by Jos Buttler, will play seven Twenty20 matches against Pakistan in Karachi and Lahore from September 20 to October 2.

We are delighted to be present. It’s my first time to Pakistan,” remarked Buttler. “Some of the Pakistan Super League players have shared positive things about Pakistan and how much the people enjoy the sport,” they said.


Sadiq Muhammed, a former cricketer for Pakistan, praised the England’s cricket team’s trip. He told xyz over the phone from Karachi that it appeared to be a favourable sign for upcoming trips by other teams.

Concerns about safety

Pakistan was forced to play international games at neutral sites like the United Arab Emirates,

where they hosted England in 2012 and 2015. This was because of the attack by armed men on the

Sri Lankan team bus in Lahore.

Australia’s first successful tour in close to 25 years took place earlier this year. The PCB expressed

confidence that the England games will also go ahead without a hitch, saying the Australia series

“demonstrated our event-planning and operational expertise.”


On game days, the roads leading from the England’s cricket team accommodation to Karachi’s

National Stadium will be closed off and guarded by security personnel.

Their route will be monitored by a helicopter, and businesses that have stadium views will be required to close.

When England last visited Pakistan, Islamabad was engaged in battles with armed insurgents in

numerous regions of the nation. Since then, the security situation has significantly improved,

although assaults have increased as a result of the Taliban’s takeover of neighbouring Afghanistan.

The deadliest armed assault since 2018 occurred in March when an ISIL (ISIS) suicide bomber assaulted a Shia mosque in the city of Peshawar in the northwest.

The vast majority of violent occurrences only occur along the porous Pakistani and Afghani borders.

Baloch rebels, meanwhile, recently targeted Karachi and Lahore. In Karachi in April, three Chinese nationals were among the four fatalities.


The tour takes place as Pakistan struggles with severe floods that has at least 33 million people impacted and submerged about a third of the nation.

Pakistani team announced for the ICC T20 World Cup 2022.

Masum Rizvi, an electrician in Karachi, said, “I am really delighted and look forward to watching

England and Buttler in Pakistan.

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) stated in a previous month that the squad was

“desperate” to play in Pakistan despite the humanitarian crisis.


“I think ideally us going over there and playing will be a positive for what’s been a fairly terrible

moment for the people of that nation,” said Rob Key, managing director of men’s cricket.


To play three five-day Test matches, England will return in December.


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