Why Your Social Media Advertising Isn’t Working

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Whether it’s for your personal brand or your company, everyone is attempting to have a strong internet presence. But how accurate are businesses at monitoring their internet views? Knowing how to use social media advertisements is vital for any marketing strategy to be successful.

Creating an internet brand

Ads are used by businesses to attract customers. Advertisements help influencers expand their audiences. How successful these advertisements are, however, is not always clear.


What do you hope to achieve with your social media advertising? Is the goal to increase engagement? Followers? Views? We refer to them as attentiveness metrics. Additionally, depending on whatever attention measure you pay attention to, it might reveal the dependability of an ad business.


Engagement is the most significant. This gauges everything from a social media share, like, or remark. The fact that someone followed your page, visited your website, or clicked on one of your links also counts. You are paid via engagement.

The issue with social media data measurement

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The other metrics are where social media post promotion runs into trouble. When a platform charges for boosting a post to increase reach or impressions, it simply implies that they are placing it in front of users without providing any sort of incentive. High-impression campaigns with poor engagement seldom ever get their audience back.

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Additionally, a growing number of platforms are measuring ad performance in impressions, which is a dishonest practise. The issue is that impressions don’t account for amount of interest. They don’t let you know how long someone viewed your video, if they enjoyed it, or whether they intended to buy anything.

Therefore, while promoting online, be sure to allocate your funds to the most crucial areas, such as engagement, followers, and retention. It doesn’t always indicate that people liked your content just because they saw it.



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